Saturday, 11 January 2014

Developer's Tools

I work so hard on the next version, but in meantime, I decided to share scripts that made my work easier:

  1. extract_words.pyw 
    This is stand-alone script. Not usable as Gimp plug-in.
    It gives you the power to properly build secure single-level structure of JSON file from plain text file. For example I use this to create messages.json and scriptcomposer.json
    Take sharp symbol always on first position is important for script to know is this line is name line. Create as many as you wish .txt files with this scheme. Put script into directory when plan text files is. Run and get result.
    I have modified and used an early version of the script's Bradley Workman.
    If you have result with nice look, then go and get from GIMP Plugin Registry.
    This one is on creation state. Will works only with four version or higher.
    With this GUI anyone can re-build your self-made script-fu from .scp file, because a fully support CRUD (
    ang. create, read, update and delete ) operations for SC Projects.